Cooled ThermoTherapy™


What to expect after the treatment?


You will be able to go home shortly after the procedure. Your urologist will give you instructions to follow at home and may prescribe medications. Most men resume their normal routine within days following the treatment.



The Targis System


The Targis System delivers Cooled ThermoTherapy to treat BPH in a 30-60 minute session. The Targis System delivers precisely targeted microwave energy to heat and shrink enlarged prostate tissue while cooling mechanisms protect healthy surrounding tissues. It is designed to optimize treatment outcomes and provide a high level of patient comfort. The Targis System is a small, portable Control Unit and is easily transportable. We provide the Targis System, monitor, portable ultrasound and all disposable prostate treatment probes. Our specially trained technologist assists a trained urologist in providing the treatment.





What is Cooled ThermoTherapy?


Cooled ThermoTherapy is a minimally-invasive non-surgical procedure for the treatment of an enlarged prostate; also known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). The urologist, assisted by a specially trained technologist, performs the treatment using a specially designed catheter that directs heat deep into the prostate to safely destroy the enlarged tissue thus reducing the pressure being placed on the urethra. During treatment, cool water is circulated through a catheter, drawing heat way from the delicate surface of the urethra, protecting it from damage and minimizing patient discomfort.



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